Need advice? You can reach us at + 31 (0)161 45 30 98

Need advice? You can reach us at 
+ 31 (0)161 45 30 98

Desiccant Bags / Silica gel Bags

D&F Techniek Desiccant Bags protect your moisture sensitive products for storage and/or shipping against moisture. They fully comply with the applicable standard DIN 55473B. We will gladly help you with selecting the right bag size for your storage or shipping needs.

Silica gel has a highly porous structure which can, in an optimal condition, adsorb moisture up to 50% of its own weight. It has the ability of adsorbing moisture and retain it inside, therewith the surface keeps dry and free from moisture.


Applications Silica gel Bags

  • Product protection
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Container drying
  • Protection of ammunition and weapons
  • Protection of packaging
  • Conservation/Preservation

Silica gel Bags can be used for prevention of moisture damage to products such as electronic goods and components. It can also be used for protection of leather goods, tools, equipment and many more applications.



D&F Techniek can provide desiccants for alle packaging, logistic and storage applications. The main objective is to protect your products against the bad influences of moisture. Our Silica gel Bags are available in a Tyvek © quality for dust free applications. We also sypply Silica gel for container drying application.

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